Research & analytics is a wearables connected platform and app that delivers a powerful suite of tools to run Health Data Research Studies, Data Analytics and Healthcare Projects.

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Our strategic partnerships with Southampton University and the Walton Institute in Ireland are at the forefront of cutting-edge data-driven research and studies. Our systems collect and analyse wearable data, providing access to a wealth of physiological raw data, comprehensive survey results, real-time data streams, detailed health data reports, and seamless data exports.

Data Tracking & analysis

Pilot studies

App & dashboard development

Research & Development

The Only Tools You’ll Ever Need

We provide and manage all the tools you need to deliver powerful data driven research and clinical trials.



Secure hosted administrator back-end data management dashboards and log ins.

Project Management

Our project management service allows you to get on with your day as we run your programme.

Patient dashboard

Fast loading member daily and weekly activity data & results on PC, Tablet or Mobile.


We supply wearables and other tracking devices at below RRP for academic/ clinical use.


Survey Tool

Our survey tool is customisable for your research needs with data visabilty and reports.

Data Analytics

Data reporting and exporting for all major analytics tools.

Data tracked


Our administrator dashboards allows user data to be analysed by individual/ group, and includes an AI/ machine learning module to track and guide user activity levels.

Survey Tool

Quick and easy to launch our survey tool allows researchers to create in app questionaires to gather real time feedback from users with full response reports and data exports.

Case Study

Fatigue monitor study in partnership with Southampton University.



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