1. The web site utilises tracking links. To collect the coins you must redeem an offer from one of our Activcoin partners. To redeem you must click though directly from the website using the merchant link provided. Should you click through directly to a merchant site without going via the link, no Activcoins will be generated.
  2. We do not have control over whether a transaction made by you, following a click through from, is deemed genuine and successful by the merchant. We do, however, keep a close eye on any circumstances that may cause unsuccessful transactions such that they can be minimised.
  3. All offers of Activcoins in respect of transactions are made by and not by the merchants. receives commissions in respect of transactions completed via its website, which, once received, provide for your Activcoins. Consequently, all matters concerning the goods or services you have purchased remain completely between you and the merchant concerned.
    All matters concerning Activcoins should be referred exclusively to
  4. When a transaction is completed with a merchant, there may be a time period before that transaction is regarded as fully complete. For example, if there is a period during which goods or services can be returned for a refund, the sale may not be regarded as fully complete until this period has elapsed. Coins will normally be allocated when a transaction has fully completed. Consequently, Coins may occasionally take longer to appear in your account than you might expect.
  1. When a transaction is made via the website, tracking mechanisms are in place to be able to recognise the transaction and who has made it. Whilst we endeavour to ensure all transactions are tracked and reported back to us accurately, we will not be held responsible for any errors beyond our control, which may occur in the tracking and validation process. Where an error does occur, we will use our best endeavours to source it and ensure that we are able to pay you the correct amount for your transaction, however, we make absolutely no guarantee that we will be successful in doing this.
  2. Should a transaction be reversed, cancelled or denied by a merchant or network you will not receive coins for that transaction. Where for some reason the value of a transaction or commission amount is modified by a merchant the revised amount will become your entitlement. If a member believes the declined transaction has been reported by the merchant incorrectly they can raise an enquiry though our enquiry system and we will endeavour to resolve the matter.
  3. Merchants are listed on the site as giving a fixed amount of coins per €1 you spend for each genuine, completed transaction. Under no circumstances does this form a guarantee that you will receive any coins as a result of your transaction.
  4. Although we endeavour to ensure that the Activcoins redemption value or fixed amount quoted for each merchant is accurate, we make absolutely no guarantee that the quoted rate at the time of your transaction will be the actual rate paid by the merchant to As a third party, we have no influence or control over coins rates or amounts.
  5. Payment Reporting and Schedule
    The coins amount collected for each transaction you make will appear in your member account when the money has been received by
  6. Typically, we credit coins to members monthly. All coins are paid into your e-wallet.
  7. We make no guarantee that you will be paid on any set date each month and accept no responsibility for late or missed payments.