Activcoins Features

Activcoins is the digital currency for members to collect and spend as part of the wellness rewards programme.

Activcoins Processing & usage Features

The amount of coins per €1 a member can collect is displayed on partner links in the rewards locker. Coins are worth one cent each and are paid into your eWallet.

Collect coins

We use tracking links to record member transactions with our partners. You must use the tracking links in your rewards locker to collect coins.

Spend coins

You can spend your coins in our online store to buy or part pay for eGift shopping cards & vouchers or transfer as cash to a paypal/ stripe account.

Processing times

Coins are paid into your wallet on receipt from the partner. This is usually the end of month after the transaction but can take up to 60 days.

Sending Payments

Add Funds and Transfer Balance

You can transfer coins to another member or top up or withdraw your own coin balance using paypal or stripe.

Compatible with Stripe and Paypal

Transactions are saved in your user dashboard.